Monday, December 1, 2008

The Classifieds

This adorable apron could be yours if the price is right.............. Or, if you are willing to pay $39.00 for a fabulous apron that would make a great gift for the females on you list, or for yourself if you shop like me. I started a blog posting some of my mom's aprons. If you are interested in seeing more, click here. There are two different styles and several fabrics. All the aprons are lined and will wash up well. You'll have to excuse the fact that I'm the model in all the pics. I'm the only one home, and I work for free. It's just hard to see what they look like unless they are on a person. Anyway, check it out when you get a chance, and I'm sure she would love any feedback you are willing to give.


Jessica said...

Your new header is adorable. The aprons are cute too.

Lynn Valdez said...

I LOVE THE APRONS! I am actually (ironcially) wearing an arpon as I am tying this. Yes, I know you haven't heard from me in years...I am blog stalking you. Hope you are well. Lynn Valdez (Lynn Stahl)