Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Lawrence Cousins

Kevin's family is all here staying with us this week. The girls are finally getting to spend some time with their cousin Jade and meet Baby Lilly for the first time. They are having a blast with a house full of little girls to play with. This was the best of many attempts to get the four Lawrence grandchildren in a photo.
This is the girls getting to meet Lilly for the first time last night.

This is a scary thought, Londyn driving Jade around in the princess car.

The girls posing with some of their toys on the porch. The day after Christmas the weather was a ridiculous 75 degrees, so the girls got to spend some time playing outside.


Brooke said...

Very cute pictures! It looks like they love each other very much. I also love the new background, very cute! I was just thinking I need to update mine as well... Maybe tomorrow :) Miss you all, love you!

Grandma Del said...

The girls are all so cute. They look so happy. The girls have a big doll to play with

Jessica said...

Your new header is adorable...those pictures are incredible!