Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had to be at the airport this morning by 5:00AM, and I had a million things to do last night so we opted to just pull an all nighter. I am not particularly fond of traveling, especially at wee hours in the morning with no sleep. As we were on the four hour flight from Dallas to Portland, I was tired, squished in a center seat separated from my husband, and gettting very hungry. They no longer treat you to a free snack on the airline much to my disappointment. It was pushing 1:00 our time, and I hadn't eaten anything since a very early breakfast. If you know me very well, you know that that can be dangerous. All of that to tell you that this nice man sitting beside me obviously noticed my hunger pangs and offered me a snickers bar. Most people probably would have turned it down, but again if you know me, you know I jumped on it. I haven't eaten a snickers in forever, and it was absolutely divine. That man has no idea how happy he made me today not only because he gave me a snickers, but because it reminded me of how kind most people really are. So, if you ever get stuck beside me on a flight, I'll have a snickers bar to offer you:) Have a good day!

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Portlandia said...

This reminds me of the time a stranger - a grandfatherly type sitting next to me on a 4 hour flight - held a 5 month old Coen while I slept for over an hour on the way home from my Grandmother's funeral, and the exhausting whirlwind adventure that turned out to be!