Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Was Here

I didn't actually mean for this picture of me to be first, but for some reason, they are uploading in reverse order. I was too lazy to delete them all and redo it. This picture of me is for Kevin. He was really worried that he wasn't going to get credit for this "gift". I was supposed to get the iphone for my birthday, and it's a long story, but that didn't work out. Anyway, I did get it for Christmas, and I am very appreciative! THANK YOU KEVIN! (You will receive full credit for this gift.) One of Skylar's favorite gifts was this cupcake machine. If you ask me, it's quite worthless, but it made her happy and that's all that matters.
This is Londyn with her alarm clock so she will always be on time.
Skylar opened her gifts fairly slow, admiring each one. She stopped after each gift and posed for a photo and made sure it was on video. Londyn on the other hand, ripped through each of her presents barely even looking at them, wondering why she didn't have very many. They were both ecstatic about their gifts this year and the idea of Santa Claus. They were able to spend the rest of the day at home playing with each other and enjoying all of their new toys. Most of Kevin's family arrived later that evening, and his brother, wife and baby will be here tonight. We'll have a house full for a few days, but we're glad everyone is able to be together to enjoy the holidays.
Skylar who usuallly sleeps in came to my room at 4:24AM making us aware that Santa had come and she was ready to open presents. We of course made her go back to bed and wait for a few more hours. I have to say she is EXACTLY like me. I was always up early at some ridiculous hour on Christmas unable to wait for everyone else to get up before opening presents.


Heather H said...

Looks like you all made out like bandits! You are going to love the phone, but I warn you, they can be quit addictive! :)

Devin said...

I know, I've already experience that!

Grandma Del said...

Looks like the girls were good last year. Santa was really good to them. Tell Skylar to make me some muffins.

Melinda said...

Kevin is a good man! Glad you all had a wonderful Chirstmas.

PS - I LOVE your new banner!!