Saturday, December 13, 2008

All Things Christmas

This is the one and only weekend since before Thanksgiving that we will be home before Christmas, so we are trying to squeeze everything Christmasy into two days. (For some reason now when I load my photos, they upload opposite from how I wanted them to, but I'm sure you can figure them out.) We started this morning with a visit to Santa. The girls were not exactly thrilled. They were pretty shy, and didn't tell him a thing they wanted. They are going with the theory that Santa already knows and will take care of it. I guess that's not so bad considering Santa is done shopping. At least there were no surprise gifts that he wasn't able to get. We then went to The Children's Nutcracker. One of my students was performing, and I thought the girls would enjoy it. They did, and now want to be in the Nutcracker. They don't understand that they can't even try until next Christmas. And we closed our busy day with my absolute favorite Christmas activity, cookie baking. We get dress up in our Christmas aprons, blast the Christmas music and roll out the sugar cookies. This has turned into a tradition, and every year is so much fun. The girls dance a little, Skylar gets very serious about her cookies, and Londyn just tries to sneak a piece of dough every chance she gets. Every year, these are some of my favorite pictures. I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!

The Cookie Baking

The Nutcracker
Me and Skylar excitedly waiting for the show to start.
This is the best I could get at the Nutcracker since you can't take photos during the performance.
Around the House
These girls LOVE their daddy, and as we were watching some old home videos, I was once again reminded of what a great dad he is.
This mommy LOVES these girls!
A Visit to Santa
The not so excited Santa photo.


Melinda said...

Oh how I want their aprons!

Jessica said...

ok lots of things...

1. your "d" necklace is adorable. where did you get it?

2. i love the nutcracker...your girls would be adorable in it someday.

3. making sugar cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions. we always do it once i get to tulsa.

Brooke said...

These are some of my favorite pictures every year, also! I just love, love, love this family! Anastyn is very lucky to have such good aunts, uncles, and cousins!b

Devin said...

Jessica-Thanks! A lady in town sells the charms, and my friend gave me the beads.