Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday Morning

As I'm sure most of your kids did as well, the girls wore their Christmas dresses to church Sunday morning. We, of course, had to take a few snapshots. It was a little difficult, because when we go to my mom's house the girls usually stay up too late and get to sleep in. They stayed up late Saturday night, but there was no sleeping in on Sunday. I literally dressed Skylar in bed and carried her to the tree for the photos. Mom and two of her grandgirls.
Mom and dad with all the grandgirls.

You can't really tell much about the dresses in the photos, but they are ivory sweater dresses with a fur collar and a few gold sequins in the front. Their favorite part of the outfit was their gold glittery shoes they got to wear with them. Thanks Grandma Del for the dresses. I just realized you didn't even get to see them wear them.
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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