Thursday, December 11, 2008

Running Late

I know you don't actually care to see an ugly picture of me, but I just can't believe I actually went to work looking like this today. I use my cell phone for an alarm, and I have misplaced my charger since the Oregon trip, so I have no working phone. I asked Kevin to set his alarm and wake me up this morning because I had to be at work early for chess club. This is a perfect example of when you want something done, you should just find a way to do it yourself. When I finally woke up this morning, it was 7:20. There was no way I could even get there on time, and I wore my hair a day dirty yesterday, so I HAD to wash it this morning. So, I washed my hair, put a hat on and ran. Wet hair, no make-up and all. I arrived at school with about 30 kids waiting on me. They of course had to comment on my unusual appearance. Some of the teachers thought I was dressed up for my decade unit. (If only I had thought of that excuse a little earlier.) What a way to start the day! Tomorrow can only be better, right?


Kevin said...

Still Beautiful!

Kevin said...

Aww..., aren't you sweet Kev.

Devin said...

The above Kevin comment was from me. Oops. I didn't see that the login name was Kevin.