Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids Say.......

Yes, this is my fourth post today. How pathetic. I can stay up late tonight because I'm off AGAIN tomorrow! What else is there to do? Perhaps I should prepare for bunco that I'm hosting at my house tomorrow night. No, blogging is a much better option, right? Anyway, I just wanted to post a few things that Skylar has said and done lately that have cracked me up, and I didn't want to forget them.

"When I sing it's like a piano in my mouth."- I gathered by a few questions that this means she thinks she can sing well, hmmm. I hope that works out for her.

The other night she was adamant about quitting dance. She didn't want to have anything to do with it. I was ready to pull her out to avoid the recital fees and several months tuition if she really didn't want to do it. After several attempts at discovering the reason, I found that she wanted to quit because she is not allowed to wear panties in the recital in MAY! This has apparently been bothering her for like 2 years, and I guess she just couldn't take it anymore. I assured her if that was the real problem that she could wear panties to the next recital. Problem solved. Now, she loves it and wants to be in the Nutcracker. Go figure.

She currently refuses to take her backpack to school because it is a small backpack, and she doesn't like me to fold the papers to make them fit. No papers are allowed to be folded. Mind you, we're talking about a daily sheet that tells what she ate and if she slept. I try to keep her "masterpieces" of art in mint condition.

I was driving through McD's today to get my daily dose of Diet Dr. Pepper, and Skylar asks me why I don't ever like to drink anything healthy. I assured her that I do, and she got quite firm in saying that I ALWAYS drink soda and soda is unhealthy. I had nothing. She was completely accurate in her accusation. I've never smoked, never drank, but my daughter is after me about my soda addiction. I don't stand a chance.


Jessica said...

i'm sure camden will condemn me for my love of coke someday too.

Heather Marie said...

I think this is one of your best posts... I laughed so hard at the Piano In My Mouth quote. That is quite a statement to come from such a little mouth.

Brooke said...

This girl cracks me up! She knows what she wants doesn't she!? I love that she sings like a piano and is super modest, what a great kid! LOL, so cute!

Debbie said...

Just came from Melinda's place and saw that adorable apron you sent her. What a nice surprise gift.

Ice House said...

Aren't kids funny? My (now 8 yr old) daughter had the same problem with panites and dance a few years back. Who knew that could be such a big deal?

And the folded papers thing? My other daughter (now 5) freaks out when her papers or art have been bent..."It's ruined!!!"

Thanks for sharing.