Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ecstasy, that would be the name of our ship! It was a five day cruise, which was enough for me. We both enjoyed it, but I also think we were both ready to come home. We made two stops, one in Progreso and one Cozumel. (I know what you're thinking...what is Progreso? Well, not much,but it did have an excursion to Chi Chen Itza, so that 's what we did.) Both stops we planned excursions which were fun, but we felt a little rushed. It was a very relaxing trip! We enjoyed just hanging out together on the boat watching the ocean, we were entertained by live music, karaoke, and some semi-funny comedy. We met several other great couples, one which just graduated from OC, and one that actually live in our area, small world! We were asked if we were on our honeymoon a couple of times, which was a compliment to me, and an insult to Kevin. (he's paranoid about people thinking he looks young.) I did learn that they do not like it when they come around asking if you want a drink and you order diet coke. I got a lot of annoyed looks, and it took them forever to get it to me. They definitely cater to the drinkers. Oh well, I just kept asking. I paid for that all you can drink soda card the first day, so I was determined to get my money's worth!

This picture should actually be second, but I accidentally deleted it and am too lazy to rewrite and upload everything and too dumb to figure out how to rearrange them. Anyway, from Progreso, we went to Chi Chen Itza. For those of you that don't know, it's apparently one of the seven wonders of the new world. (whatever that means) But as far as Mayan ruins go it is supposed to be the largest and best. So, here you have it...Chi Chen Itza. Our time was pretty limited considering we were two and half hours from the port, but I think we got to see most of it. I would say it was worth the experience.

This is us the first night on the boat. We pretty much just explored the ship and enjoyed the ocean view. Oh, and walked around taking pictures of ourselves. Yes, we're dorks. However, everyone else was doing it too, so that made it feel a little less weird.

On our Cozumel stop, we took a twister boat to Passion Island. A twister boat is just a speed type boat that does spins in the water and gets you soaking wet. It was a fun ride, and the island was beautiful. We enjoyed hanging out at the beach and a buffet lunch which I thought was a mexican buffet. Kevin said it qualified since it was a buffet in Mexico:) It consisted of fruit, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, tilapia and chips and salsa. The chips, salsa and guacomole were excellent. They should really stick to what they know.

This would be our self portrait collage. I have mentioned before that I hate asking someone else to take pictures for us, but I want to come home with some pictures. So, we took a few self portraits. I'm just glad that we have figured out how to actually get both of us in the photo. Again, more evidence of us being nerds, but you know you do it too! (Well, some of you)

And now, we are back home, in the real world, and staying for a while. I have to say, though sometimes I forget for all the craziness around me, it's my favorite place to be! Happy Summer!

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Happy Anniversary (on August 4th), I love you!