Monday, July 18, 2011

The Creek

While we were in Missouri, we took one morning to go exploring at the creek. What I had in mind and what the kids had in mind were a little different. I was thinking a few nice pictures, they were thinking catching minnows and splashing around. The girls are becoming quite the country girls as they have apparently even gone back to the creek in recent days to catch crawdads and minnows. Lincoln just walked right in, and so we just stripped him. You'll have to excuse the white trash baby hanging out in his diaper.

Lincoln and Malachi both love the water, and thankfully Malachi didn't mind Lincoln showing his love by continuously pouring a cup of water over his head.

The girls in action trying to come up with a good catch. I'm so glad they have opportunities to spend time at my parents and experience so many different things that I certainly wouldn't be able to expose them to, but I must say, I'm missing them!

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