Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun on the Fourth!

Did we have fun on the fourth? You bet! It isn't all that often that we have all the Fredendall cousins together, and it still is nearly impossible to get a picture of them all together, but they did get to spend the better part of the fourth playing with each other. We spent the morning leisurely sitting on the porch and hanging around the yard at my Mom and Dad's.

As the temperature rose, the water was rather tempting, so we took advantage of the slip-n-slide. Londyn and Lincoln LOVED it! Skylar tolerated it and was a little awkward, and Malachi and Anastyn gave it their best shot, but it probably wasn't their favorite part of the day. After that we enjoyed my Dad's BBQ pork steaks before heading off to watch fireworks.

We spent the evening watching fireworks at the capital. My sister and her family and my dad weren't able to join us, but we tried to have a good time anyway!

It was a wonderfully filled day that included a few of my favorite things and a lot of my favorite people!

(Aren't you glad that I decided to create collages instead of making 18 posts over one day? You're welcome!)

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