Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Antonio-Riverwalk

Just so you know, trying to keep track of three kids, find your way around an unfamiliar city in extreme heat, make sure everyone is having fun, decide on a place to eat and take pictures of the beautiful surroundings is near impossible. Therefore, I'm settling to be happy with what I got. We spent a couple of evenings at the Riverwalk eating dinner and wandering around a little. We stopped to eat at a great little restaurant and sat outside for dinner. The girls found this lizard like creature, and though very out of character, picked it up and played with it while we were waiting for food. (yes, I made them wash their hands before they ate) Lincoln was a little overly tired, so Kevin and I were pretty much trying to entertain him until the food came. We remembered why we don't like to leisurely go out to eat dinner as a family. Sad but true.

Skylar taking over the photography duties to snap a picture of me and Kevin.

Londyn not sure what to think about being serenaded by the mariachi band.

A quick stop in front of the Alamo while we were there.

A nice man stopped and asked if we wanted a family picture. Thank you nice man, it's the only one we got the whole trip!

Skylar and Londyn being goofy in the souvenir store.

Requesting me take their picture, goofy smiles and all. Overall, we had a great night out and enjoyed being together. It's so great to just get away from the everyday chores of home and just focus on having fun together.

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