Sunday, July 10, 2011


Our beloved pets. Let me preface this post that we are not really pet people. I have put it off for a long time, but I do believe that every child should have a pet at some point in their life. I was ready to give in and let them get a dog. We had been planning to get a fence, and it would have worked out. However, in the presence of dogs, my children cling to the nearest adult or climb on countertops. Therefore, I decided this was bad decision. We were walking through the mall one day, and there was a little kiosk set up selling hermit crabs. My girls were intrigued, and I thought it may not be a bad idea. I mean, really, is there a lower maintenence pet? Anyway, I waited a few days and the girls were relentlessly begging to go buy the crabs. Finally we got them, and they were impressed for all of about 2 days. Londyn's interest has lasted a little longer, but Skylar is a little more like her mother. When we left for San Antonio, we forgot the crabs, and we forgot to leave food for them. (Again, we should not be allowed to have pets.) Anyway, we were coming home, and Londyn asks, "Do you think the crabs died?" Skylar responds "I don't know, but I hope so. They are a lot of work, and not really that much fun." I think she had been holding that thought in since the second day but held back knowing the wrath she may recieve after all the begging she did. Too bad for Shelly and Sebastion, they did survive and have the pleasure of being owned by such loving caretakers. (Both pets are currently thriving, and I promise we are doing our very best to take care of them!)

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