Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Little Cousins

So part of the fun of any family gathering is watching all these little ones run around and play. They are a bit of a rowdy bunch, but I'd dare to say they have a pretty good time together! Lincoln and Anastyn took a bath together for the first time, and were being super silly.

Lincoln-just because I love how happy he is here.

Malachi 1, Natalie 1, Lincoln 2, Anastyn 3

All the little cousins about to jump out the window to get to the dog outside. This is probably the only picture we will get of them all together for a while. Unfortunately, we probably won't get one with all of their faces for quite for a few more years. They move way too fast!

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Brooke said...

LOL I love these pictures! I have a feeling these four are going to be pretty close!