Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve But Not Really

We had our Christmas Eve last Thursday night, and by special request, Santa came to visit us on Friday morning. We always have dinner and open a few presents before Santa is scheduled to visit. We opened gifts from each other, and we also opened all the gifts from our Oregon family since we didn't get together with them this year. Since it was the first time this season they were able to open presents, there was little excitement going on. They were bouncing off the walls most of the day anxious to open a few presents.

Lincoln LOVED unwrapping his presents, and continually walked around saying "That's cool, Mommy!" or "That's cool, Daddy!" It was quite fun and entertaining watching him get so excited about opening presents and squealing when he found out what was inside.

Kevin definitely gets as excited about Lincoln's toys as Lincoln does. He really likes having some toys for boys around the house.

Skylar gave Londyn some kind of noise-making putty. When I asked them to make a list of what they thought they wanted to shop for for their siblings, she knew exactly what she wanted to get and where she wanted to get it from. It was Dollar General. My children are quite taken by the dollar store. I guess that works out well for me. Anyway, Londyn loved the putty!

Me and Londyn posing while Skylar practices her photography skills. I hope you all had a Mery Christmas, and that you are able to enjoy a little bit of slower pace this week!

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