Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Parade

We have never been to the annual Christmas parade, but the girls gymnastics team decided to participate this year, which resulted in us being forced into going. Not that I don't like parades, but not particularly in December, and it's just hard to get everyone up and going on a Saturday. Anyway, the girls were beside themselves excited about being in a parade for the first time. They had been talking about it all week long. When we arrived, we didn't see anyone from their team for a while, but finally ran into a few others. However, apparently the decision was made not to participate due to the weather, and those of us that were there hadn't got the message. The girls were super disappointed. I felt so bad for them. We decided to stay and watch the parade anyway, and managed to salvage the day with the promise of lunch of their choice and hot chocolate.

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Alice said...

We go and freeze! We got lucky and the rain didn't start pouring down until we got in the van to leave.