Sunday, May 17, 2009

We've Got the Beat

I had too many pictures to try to narrow down, so I'm posting the shrunken versions in collage form. The girls have not been thrilled about dance this year, they don't like practicing apparently. However, they were excited recital morning, ready to put on a show! These are a few pictures I snapped of them posing before the show.
This is an attempt at the girls in action, the lighting was not so good, but as good as I could get without a flash.

This is the girls after the show with their flowers and each of their family members that came to support them.
Recital day never comes without it's fair share of stress, and this year was no different. Not only was our schedule demanding with an early morning practice, we had a house full of people, I'm pregnant, we are trying to keep our house immaculate in case someone wants to come take a look, not to mention trying to get the girls decked out and ready to go. To say that I was a little "edgy" is probably an understatement. However, when 3:30 rolled around, and the girls were checked in and backstage I could finally relax. Just like every other year, it was so much fun to watch, and one of my favorite events of the year. I'm sad that Skylar doesn't want to be in dance next year, but I guess we're moving on. Londyn has decided to give it one more year so she can get her three year trophy. So I guess I have one more year to enjoy puffy tutus and huge hairpieces.
To our family that came, thank you! Thank you for driving and/or flying all the way to OK to stay in a cramped house with a grouchy hostess to support my girls! Everytime we talk about recital, they always ask who's coming. It means a lot to them (and me, of course) to have you here!

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Melinda said...

How adorable are they in their cute little costumes?! And how sweet is your family to drive/fly to see them perform.

I have decided you need to come out here and see me for a weekend and let me papmer and spoil you and your pregnant self. I'll cook, clean and let you relax...

Shannon Koeninger said...

very cute...