Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pregnancy Perks

I usually think only of the negative things during my pregnancy so I've decided to reflect on a few of the perks. I'm sure this attitude will last for about 3 seconds, but at least I tried. I'm pretty sure that anyone who spends any amount of time with me is sick and tired of me complaining. Please don't shun me as your friend, it's only a temporary, I promise. I hate that I've acquired the annoying personality trait of cynicism. I really try not to be annoying, but pregnancy just brings out the worst in me, in more ways than one. Ok, for the perks I can think of(besides the obvious of course, like creating new life, feeling the baby move, etc.):

1. Elastic waist pants-no, they're not pretty, but they sure are comfortable.

2. You never have to suck in.

3. You actually try to stick your belly out after a ginormous meal so you look pregnant not just fat.

4. It's a great excuse to take a nap whenever you're feeling the least bit tired.

5. You can blame pregnancy brain for any stupid thing you do.

6. I spend way less money on clothes because nothing actually looks good, I only buy the necesseties.

7. After you actually have the baby, and are on the downhill slope, people tell you how good you look even if you are fatter than you've ever been in your life. This is because they are used to seeing you look so huge and no one remembers that you were once a normal looking human being.

8. Getting dressed takes way less time because there are not nearly as many things to choose from. I no longer go for looking good, just simply finding something that covers as much of my body as possible.

9. I don't feel guilty for clearing my schedule and going to bed by 9:00PM

10. People around the house work very hard to keep you content for fear of being a victim of a mood swing.

Ten things, that's all I've got, and some of them are stretching it. Now if I were creating a list of negative things about pregnancy, that would be neverending. If you have any other pregnancy perks, I would love to hear them!

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Jessica said...

those made me laugh...here's a few more i might add.

1. an excuse to eat anything and everything under the sun (everything except vegetables that is).

2. an excuse to schedule doctors appointments mid-day so you just have to take the whole day off of work.

Devin said...

I agree with number 1, but it has ramifications, for me anyway. But #2 That's a great one I forgot about. I love doctors appointments that require days off!

Kevin said...

I appreciate your #6 and I think #10 is referring to me, which is not easy to avoid.

Mandy said...

Ice cream! And a husband that will go after it at 10pm.