Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Drive-In

What makes for a better evening than great weather, a stop at the QT for the $.49 drinks, and a Drive-In movie?
Kevin's been working so much, we decided we needed a family night out, so he suggested the Drive-In. The girls had a blast cuddling in the back of the car sipping their drinks, eating their candy and enjoying a little popcorn. I think they enjoyed the movie too, at least one of them!

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Brooke said...

Sounds like fun! I bet I can guess which one enjoyed the movie! Glad you guys got to have a nice family night! Love you

Shannon Koeninger said...

Ah, I'm jealous! We tried to go a few weeks ago, and it wasn't open yet!

Jessica said...

I love the drive-in...there used to be a really cute one in Broken Arrow, but a tornado came and ruined the screen so they ended up tearing it down.

Meagan said...

Awww, how fun! What movie did you see?

We used to go to the one in BA when I was a kid, and actually we were there one time when it started storming severely (I think the tornado sirens went off! I remember it vividly...Of course I was pretty scared of storms when I was young...) I wonder if it's the one Jessica was talking about?