Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Swim

The girls were invited to a pool party Sunday afternoon for a friend's birthday. They were beside themselves with excitement to get to swim for the first time this year. The girls sporting the swimsuits Grandma Del bought them on spring break! Thanks Grandma!
As I was loathing in my usual pregnancy self-pity this evening and this photo came up as I as downloading, I had to laugh out loud. I'm not sure who ever thought swim goggles were cool, but I'm thinking not so much.

So happy to be wet! This is quite a different mood from moments later when an ant was discovered in her carseat and she was screaming bloody murder. She actually asked if we could walk home. I don't get it, she loved the idea of cutting open a frog, but the site of a miniscule ant will put her into hysteria. Go figure!

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Jessica said...

i wish i looked that cute in my swimsuit.

Grandma Del said...

The girls look so cute. Miss them so much. Love you all

Melinda said...

Those bathing suits are adorable! You guys should come out here one weekend, swim, and stay the night. We'd love to have you : )

Devin said...

Jessica-don't even get me started on how I wish I looked in a swimsuit!

Grandma-miss and love you too!

Melinda-I think I should take you up on that, that sounds like fun!

Melinda said...

Just let me know when is good for you!