Monday, July 12, 2010


One of our other fun outings while in Missouri was an afternoon at the FOX Theatre to see Wicked! I wanted to see Wicked when it came to Tulsa, but didn't, so I was thrilled when my grandma mentioned that she was going during the time we would be visiting. I had never been to the FOX theatre, and I was highly impressed! I loved it! The show was awesome as well! Thanks grandma for a great day!

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Meagan said...

Awesome! I wanted to see it last year too, but had just had Evy and it didn't work out. I was very sad. :(

Devin said...

It's coming to Tulsa again this fall! I would love to see it again!

Meagan said...

I thought I heard that! We should go! I am not missing it this time!