Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breaking News!!

I interrupt the regular scheduled blogging to inform you that Miss Skylar has FINALLY LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!! She has been anticipating this day for quite some time now as her 7th birthday approaches as well as first grade and many of her friends have already lost several teeth. I think she was beginning to think that they were never coming out. She was quite a trooper about the whole ordeal. From the time she noticed it was loose, she worked at getting it out, and when we arrived back in Missouri from our Florida vacation she got a little help from Papa Kevin. I'm pretty sure that of all the things we've done or will do this summer, the losing of her first tooth will be her favorite. I haven't seen her so excited in quite some time!

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Brooke said...

I love that picture of dad helping her with her tooth!

Jessica said...

maybe she feels the same way i do when i lose a pound....however, she'd be excited if she could lose 25 more teeth, i'm not so excited to try and lose 25 pounds.

Devin said...

Jessica-don't even get me started!