Friday, February 4, 2011

On the Fourth Day....

We said our prayers,
said the Pledge of Allegience, (Apparently, the girls were feeling guilty for not pledging this week. I found this picture on my camera when I picked it up to snap a few pics.)
played in the snow,

and last but not least, made a few messes while attempting to clean out closets.

So far, I think I've been handling the fact that I've been unable to leave my home quite well. I am, however, beginning to feel the cabin fever. Kevin managed to get out briefly today to replenish my soda supply and bring me a Sonic drink, but I have not left the house at all for FOUR days! That is definitely a record for me, and I would like all of my family to know that I've not had one single meltdown, thank you very much! We got more snow today, and according the most recent weather, there's lots more to come. I'm very thankful that we don't have to be anywhere, and we are safe and warm. My only concern is that I'm afraid we're going to run out of milk by tomorrow and I'm not sure how the little man is going to handle that. Kevin went to three stores today and all were out! I started the week with four gallons. I thought I was more than prepared.
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Jessica said...

enjoying your blizzard reports...four gallons of milk in four days is quite the accomplishment.

Devin said...

Ha! Aren't you missing Oklahoma about now:) I enjoy the snow, but good grief!