Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Snow Days

Well, we are in the middle of week two of our winter vacation. As expected, we received a little more snow today, but not as quite as much as they were calling for. We will, however, be out again tomorrow! I, for one, am enjoying every minute of our days together. We were able to get out over the weekend and restock, we had several people over for the Super Bowl, so we were good to go for another week of fun! Monday and Tuesday, Lincoln went to school and the girls and I ran around, knowing we would probably be home the rest of the week. I have sort of laid off the pictures since we haven't been doing anything too exciting, just the same relaxing things over and over again. I did snap a few pictures today of the kids reading. They love cuddling up in their bed and reading together under 18 blankets and 42 stuffed animals. Lincoln has also developed a love of books and reading so he was more than thrilled to join them today. It's funny to me that everyone in our house has remained in pajamas every day possible with the exception of Londyn. She gets dressed everyday and always puts a bow in her hair or some other hair accessory. I hope you are enjoying winter as much as I am!

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