Thursday, February 3, 2011

And Day 3

We baked some delicious French Breakfast Puffs that I saw on someone's facebook page yesterday. It's a Pioneer Woman recipe that was delicious. I get extremely distracted when trying to bake with children, so I accidentally doubled the amount of milk, which then required me to double the entire recipe. Therefore, I have double the number of these sweet, sugary pastries sitting around my house to tempt me. However, the kids had a great time helping out, and everybody was happy with the sweet breakfast treat. I forgot to upload the picture, but we did also try out Skylar's new crayon maker she got for Christmas. It's been nice to have time to help the kids enjoy some of their Christmas gifts that we hadn't previously had a chance to check out.

Lincoln entertained himself for a few minutes emptying out the bottom drawers. He particularly enjoyed the rolling pins, and I'm open to whatever works at this point!

We ended the night by playing a few games. Overall, things haven't been too bad. We've managed to keep ourselves entertained so far. I am all out of baking ingredients, but we've got enough real food to get us by, so we're good. I think this has to be a record number of days that we have all been home together without anyone leaving the house for anything. It's been a little weird, but nice. I am, however, ready to return to normalcy.

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