Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Middle Child

I feel like frequently when I write posts that have to do with Londyn, I talk about how she challenges me. I hope that isn't perceived negatively, she's just different than Skylar and we butt heads a lot. She tries to see what she can get away with and pushes the limits, which are qualities that could be advantageous to her in the future as long as they're channelled appropriately. I just feel like I am always getting on to her, or getting frustrated with her. Thankfully she also has a wonderfully loving and forgiving personality. However, in the four days that we have been home, I have been able to have so much fun with her. She has been an angel. No whining, complaining, eye rolling, grumpiness, negative attitude, etc. She's done what she's been asked to do, been extremely helpful, kind to her siblings, and just all around pleasant to be with. I've thanked her several times for her stellar behavior, and tried to make sure she knows how proud I am of her and how much I love her. I'm very thankful that I have had this time to spend with her where I am able to be more relaxed, and she isn't overly tired that we could spend several days just enjoying each other's company.

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Brooke said...

Glad to see this post! Glad you both got that nice quality time together this week! You have three wonderful little blessings and we love them dearly...thanks for giving me some awesome nieces and nephew!