Thursday, June 21, 2012

NYC-The Staten Island Ferry

On the final day or our trip, I had several things on the agenda. Kevin actually got to spend the whole day with me before we headed to the airport that evening.  I had planned for us to ride the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, visit Wall Street and walk across the Brookly Bridge.  I am proud to say that under my planning and navigation we managed to get to each destination without any hiccups, and had time to spare before we headed to the airport. We even took the subway without getting lost.  It was quite an accomplishment. The down side is that it took us most of our visit before we figured it all out! Anyway, it was recommended by several online that the best way to get a view of the Statue of Liberty (without going to Liberty Island, of course) was to ride the Staten Island Ferry.  I thought it worked out well. There were great views of the city and the Statue of Liberty, and it best of all, it was FREE!  It was a pretty dreary day, but we still enjoyed the ride. 


 An attempt to get a picture of both of us that also included the Statue of Liberty.  You can kind of see her back there.

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