Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NYC-Rainy Day on Broadway

Most of the time, I like to think of myself as an intelligent, competent individual.  But sometimes, reality sets in, and my stupidity and stubbornness can't be tamed.  This was one of those days.  I have no idea what I was thinking, but I was apparently trying to prove that I could survive a rainy day in the city without buying an umbrella and still accomplish my daily objective.  I started out in the morning planning to do a little shopping, and then get in line to purchase discounted Broadway tickets at TKTS. It wasn't raining when I left the hotel, and by the time I was done with my shopping it had started sprinkling. It didn't seem like much at first, but considering I was on foot and was going to be waiting in a long line for a considerable amount of time, buying a $5.00 umbrella from a street vendor would have been a completely logical idea.  I still have no idea why I did not do this.  I don't think  most people would consider me to be cheap, and usually, I am all about convenience and what makes things easier for me.  For some dumb reason, I just couldn't bring myself to buy one.  So, I just kept walking around, had a little lunch and then headed to get in line for the tickets.  On a side note, if you do visit NYC, there are discounted tickets at this TKTS place for most Broadway shows, and you usually get great seats. It was probably worth the wait.  Although, inconveniencing myself for a discount isn't usually my style, but I really had nothing better to do, and we were trying to be frugal on our visit.  So, they opened at 2:00PM, I got in line at about 1:00PM. There were already several people in front of me, but I had a decent spot in line.  I just stood there in the rain for about and hour and a half to two hours.  Every single other person in Times Square had an umbrella.  That is not an exaggeration.  It was to the point that it wasn't the rain so much that was drenching me as the water torrenting off of the umbrellas of the people surrounding me.  A man actually came by the line selling umbrellas.  I still didn't buy one. I think I figured by now that I was completely soaked, so it didn't really matter.  A nice lady from Holland shared hers with me for a time until the line started moving, and a kind employee shared his with me at another point in line. He also inquired why I didn't have an umbrella and suggested that it might have been a good idea to buy one.  Yep, it would have, but I didn't.   I eventually made it to the front of the line and bought tickets for our show, and then walked on home soaking wet, sloshing each step in my TOMS each step of the way as the rain continued to beat against my face.  I had several people laugh and ask me if I forgot my umbrella. I didn't really have a good comeback. I'm pretty sure I just laughed and rattled off something stupid.  Surprisingly for me, it didn't put me in a bad mood, and thankfully it was warm outside, so I wasn't cold.  I guess I just knew I created the situation for myself, and there was no one for me to blame. I would like to say that I am just one of those carefree people that was enjoying a walk in the rain, but that would be a total lie.  That is so not me.  The good news is, I did get the tickets, I made it home in time to shower and clean up before heading out to the show that evening. 
This is a dumb looking picture, and you can't really tell, but this is me soaking wet upon returning from my rainy day adventure. I took it because I wanted Kevin to see what I went through to get tickets at 40% off. 

We went to see Jersey Boys.  I felt a little silly seeing Jersey Boys since it was actually playing in Tulsa, but we had seen all of the other popular ones, not on Broadway of course.  But still, we wanted to see something different. It was still raining that evening, but I did make Kevin buy an umbrella before we left the hotel so we didn't get soaked on our way to the show. 
This is a quick picture of us in Times Square before the show. 
This is us at the theater that we arrived at in plenty of time since I took over the scheduling and navigating.
Kevin in front of the theater, carrying my camera bag, not a purse:)

Me in Times Square, the proud owner of a cheap umbrella!
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