Saturday, June 16, 2012

NYC-The Empire State Building

Well, as we headed out of Times Square in an attmept to see the Empire State Building is where our frustration began.  We hadn't even thought of the fact that there may be a line, or that there were multiple options to go to the top of the Empire State Building.  We bought tickets from a NY Skyride on the street. A thought crossed my mind at this moment that I should walk around the corner and see how much regular tickets were to get in, but I dismissed it quickly because I was so tired and didn't care that much, or so I thought.  Anyway, we bought tickets at a very inflated price, and were told it was the fast track to the top, and we would get this Skyride.  Well, I know that when someone says fast track that it's a lie.  However, I was not in my right mind. My exhaustion had taken over at this point, so  we bought the tickets.  It was not the fast track, and the Skyride was ridiculous.  By the time we eventually got to the top, I was so frustrated. We were also told we could go to a higher observation deck which was also inaccurate information.  We were on the same observation deck as the million other people. As you can imagine, that made it difficult to get to the edge to take a picture or see anything.  So, needless to say not quite as romantic as it is in the movies:)  Anyway, I was able to take a few pics from the top despite my irritable mood. 

This is the only picture of the two of us I got, and it was pretty bad because it was gettting dark and on my phone.  However, I really wanted a picture of the two of us at the top.
It was nearly impossible to get a picture of a person and the view because of the number of people, but we had to have some proof, right?
It was beautiful to see the city as the sun was setting. 

As we were leaving, I became more and more frustrated as I felt like we were totally ripped off.  I made Kevin go back and complain, you know, because he's so fierce looking at all.  So, he asked a couple of questions, and they quickly pointed out that there are no refunds or exchanges.  That would be because everyone would expect one when they realized how bad they had been taken. Anyway, I wasn't satisfied, so I felt the need to say a few things, and I'm much scarier than Kevin.  I must have embarrassed Kevin because he started pulling me away.  He pointed out that we were talking to an hourly employee and that she couldn't do anything. (Except for smirk at us for being stupid enough to buy these tickets.) So, we left, and accepted that we were idiots for buying the tickets.  However, Kevin proceeded to yell at me once we got out on the street that I didn't need to make a scene.  I quickly pointed out that him yelling at me in the street was making much more of a scene than me simply inquiring about not receiving what we were told we were purchasing:)  Yea, we're that couple.  Anyway, lesson learned.  Buy tickets in advance or plan on waiting to get to the top.  Do not buy the skyride, it is a total ripoff and will cost you more than twice as much as it would to just pay the regular admission.  Thankfully, we managed to salvage our evening by the time we took the lengthy walk back to our hotel.  We're getting really good at laughing at our idiocracy.  It's just unfortunate that we have so many opportunities to practice.  
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