Thursday, December 23, 2010

School Christmas Performances

The day before Christmas breaks is one of the most bittersweet days of the year. It is filled with all kinds of fun events, but trying to remember to take all the presents, have my classroom party as well as make a visit to each of the girls parties, not to mention all of the kids are wound up ready for the break, makes for an exhausting day! I did get to swing by the kindergarten performance and watch Londyn sing a few songs. She was glad I made it considering I missed her Thanksgiving songs.
Then, I stopped by Skylar's party for a second just to say hi and snap a picture. She, of course, had a huge grin and was having a great time!

It ended up being a great day, and as of last Friday, Christmas break has been in full swing! (yes, posts are a little out of order, and I'm a little behind)

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