Monday, August 16, 2010

A Weekend Away

This past weekend, Kevin and I managed to get away for a little anniversary/birthday celebration! Thanks to my mom and grandma for coming to stay with the kids while we headed to Kansas City to do a little shopping, hang out and watch a baseball game. I adore my children, but I thoroughly enjoy the time that Kevin and I get to spend alone together. This is us at the end of a very long week, heading out the door. (There are not many actual pictures of us on the trip because I left my camera here to take pics of the kids. I figured that would be easier than asking every stranger we passed in Kansas City to take our photo.) On that note, while we were gone the kids had plenty of fun without us, I'm pretty sure they didn't miss us at all.
They made home-made pizza,
played a little twister,
made adorable flip-flop cookies,

and these fabulous fruit flowers. Not to mention a birthday cake for me which I'll put in the next post. I am glad that I feel completely comfortable leaving the kids with family so we can get away without worry, but I think maybe they should have a little less fun so that they would actually like it when we get back:)

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