Sunday, August 29, 2010

11 months

Can you believe that in less than a month this baby will be one year old? I guess it's a little bittersweet. On the sad side, this IS my last one and there will be no more babies, on the other hand, he is so much fun as he gets more interactive! He LOVES his Daddy, and almost always prefers him over me when we are in the same room. If it's just me though, he doesn't complain too much. He always greets us with that goofy grin, and remains happy most of the time. The newness of a baby around hasn't seem to wear off much, the girls love him as much as the day he was born, and he still adores them as well. They have a way of getting each other pretty wound up. He is not walking yet, but crawling like a maniac, and he attempts to walk around furniture and stuff. I haven't really taken many pictures this month because we had all been sick, and then school started, so we woke him up this afternoon to try to get a few to post. He was quite cooperative considering he was a very tired baby. I still am shocked that the next month post will be of his first birthday party!

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Brooke said...

These are so cute! He seems to have gotten so much older looking in just the last month! I love the teeth...they are cute! Happy 11 months Lincoln, we love you!

Jessica said...

he's so cute! i've obviously seen lots of pictures of him on the blog, but i never realized how blonde his hair is...very cute! i see a lot of your dad in him too.