Thursday, August 19, 2010

Over the Hill

This week, I officially survived my first over the hill birthday. I turned 31! Kevin and I celebrated while we were in Kansas City, and while we were gone, the girls made a birthday cake for me while they were staying with my mom and grandma. They were pretty proud of their cake, and couldn't wait for us to eat it. This is me after a very long Monday (looking rather old) with the fabulous cake made by the kids. It was also necessary that we dig out candles so the girls could blow them out, we found four....
This was my attempt to get a picture with the kids. It was rather difficult to keep Lincoln away from the cake, especially the sprees. (please ignore the messy kitchen in the background)
Skylar putting the finishing touches on the cake,and Londyn snatching the candy.
Although I hate that my birthday falls during all the craziness of back to school, I still managed to enjoy a little time to celebrate, and I think I'll be able to hand actually being "in" my thirties!

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Brooke said...

Cute cake! Now I have a sprees craving, lol. I am glad you had a good birthday, and you do not look old at all! Love you!