Saturday, February 13, 2010

Party Time!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sneaking over to Londyn's V-day party. They had a great time passing out their valentine's and enjoying a pizza party. Not to mention, I believe she has enough candy to last a year. Valentine's Day is no longer about a little folded card, nearly everyone gave candy or a goody bag. It was crazy! It's always interesting for me to see her at school with her friends. At home, she doesn't sit still and talks nonstop. When I see her at school, she's always reserved and quiet. I guess I'd rather it be that way than the other way around! Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit Skylar's party, because she was at home sick. After all the drama of the box, she missed the whole darn thing! Don't worry, she wasn't too upset,she enjoyed spending the day alone with Daddy, and she still got all of the goodies.

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Brooke said...

She is just so sweet. I love the Valentine's boxes. They turned out adorable!