Monday, February 8, 2010


Each month at Arrowhead, we have a school "Celebrations" assembly to honor students for their reading and math accomplishments, talk about the character trait of the month, etc. Each month one of the classes performs as well. January was kindergarten's month to perform.... Skylar singing with her classmates.
Skylar and her friends being honored for their reading goals for December and January.

And last but not least, this is Skylar and her friend with their nervous smiles as they are about to receive a dog tag. Now, you may be wondering why any kindergartner would care about a dog tag. Well let me tell you, at AH, dog tags are a big deal! Most schools now do AR reading, and I'm sure all of them have their own incentives, but for us, students receive an engraved dog tag for every certain number of points they earn. Kindergartners were just allowed to start taking tests after Christmas, and these few girls have already read enough to earn their first incentive. Skylar's goal is to read enough to have lunch with the principal, so far she is a third of the way there, so we'll see!

Below is a video of the perseverance song performed by kindergarten. I did take video of the other 7 songs, but I thought I'd spare you!


Jessica said...

i wish i was as easily incentivized to lose weight as kids are to read books. if only a dog tag would work for me. sigh.

Brooke said...

How sweet! I love the nervous looks...We are so proud of Miss Skylar! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Del is so proud of Skylar Love all you guys