Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things That Made Me Laugh...

That I didn't want to forget.....

"You look like you have like 100 babies in your tummy." -Londyn

"Were you alive when the dinosaurs were here?" -Skylar

"Gasp, did you just cut Jesus?" -Londyn (when I cut the heart out of the frog we were dissecting)

"I'm not a GIRL, I'm a WOMAN!"-Londyn

"Mommy, why does your nose do this when you laugh?"-Skylar (as she imitated my flaring nostrils)

"Let's play frisbee you jerk!"-Londyn (having no idea what the word meant, and was asking Kevin to play with her.)

"Mommy, what do you do when you mess up your make-up when you eat cheetos?"-Londyn

"Do you want to know who I learned about in Bible class? He's from Oregon." -Londyn (they learned about Elijah, I've never figured out the connection.)

"You'll have to put on your thinker, and picture it in your mind." -Skylar (as she was preparing to read us a bedtime story.

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Brooke said...

LOL! I haven't heard most of these! Thanks for sharing!