Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year In Review

Seasons of change is the only phrase that runs through my head when I think of the year 2009! All changes have been for the better, but nonetheless it was still change, and with that comes many new transitions and adjustments made by all of us. We have been blessed beyond measure yet again, and I pray that we never forget that all things are from above. We started out the year by celebrating Londyn's fourth birthday, and on that very morning, January 25th, 2009, we found out we would be expecting baby #3. It was planned, maybe not so soon, but we were ready to complete our little family. My thinking on that had always been I don't want to look back in 10 years and say I wish we would have had another. I knew if we had another that I would never look back and say I wish we wouldn't have done that. Anyway, the rest of the winter and the beginning of spring are pretty much a blur as I spent most of that time sleeping or lightheaded. In April, Kevin entered his thirties and we celebrated with lots of good friends. In May, we decided to put our house on the market. We were in need of a little more room, and thought it was a good time to make the change. Silly me, I thought that we would put the house on the market, it would sell in a couple of months, and we would conveniently move while I was on summer break. Ha! Does anything ever go as planned? Of course not. During my favorite months of the year, the girls and I spent a lot of time poolside and visiting family in Missouri. In August, Kevin and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary, I went back to teaching started a new position, I turned the big 3-0, and both girls started school. Skylar started kindergarten at Arrowhead, and Londyn started Pre-K at Liberty. Both girls love school, Skylar loves the academics, and Londyn loves the social opportunities. We were iniciated to the importance of an early bedtime and the homework routine. We were also preparing for the newest addition to the Lawrence family. In September, we finally sold the house, Lincoln Jett arrived September 22, and Skylar celebrated her sixth birthday. It was a busy month to say the least. In October, Kevin started a new job at HoganTaylor and we moved into our new home. Kevin changed jobs in hopes of staying in Tulsa long term, and hopefully we won't be making any moves, across town or country for a very long time. Since then, we've attempted to get settled, celebrated holidays with friends and family, and just enjoyed being a family of five. My children never cease to amaze me as their personalities develop, and the love they have for each other makes me smile. Lincoln loves watching his older sisters, and they can't keep their hands off of him. I'm eager to see what 2010 has to offer, but most of all, I hope that I can treasure each and everyday that I have to spend with those I love! Happy New Year to you and yours. May you be showered with many blessings throughout the year.

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