Monday, January 18, 2010

An Early Birthday!

So, I had this genius idea that since we were going to be in Missouri this past weekend for Kesha's baby shower, that to save everyone a trip, we would have Londyn's birthday party while we were there. I had also talked her out of a friend party this year. Not one of my best ideas, but she didn't seem to be affected by the time it was all said and done, so I guess it's all good. We were supposed to leave Friday night, we would have the party Saturday, and the shower on Sunday. Well, Friday, Skylar came down with strep, so there was no way she was going to make the trip. So, Lincoln, Londyn and I headed for MO Saturday morning. Londyn talked my ear off because she was so excited about her presents, but sad at the same time that she would be celebrating without her sister. Anyway, it's over and done, and here's the birthday girl on the day of her 5th Birthday celebration at Grammy Tammy and Papa's. She wanted a Hello Kitty birthday, so here she is sporting her Hello Kitty tee.

She also insisted that her cake just be a rectangle with Hello Kitty on it. She is apparently tired of my outlandish cake ideas that make us all crazy.

Me and my sweet birthday girl at the end of a very long day!
For all of you in attendance, Londyn talked all the way home about how much she loved her presents! Thanks!

More on Londyn's birthday next week when she actually turns 5:)

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Jessica said...

she's starting to look so much more grown up! five is such a fun age!

Kristi Vrooman said...

Aw, poor Skylar! I didn't know she had strep! At least Londyn didn't refuse to leave home without her sister and miss out on the fun of having her party at Grammy Tammy's! :)