Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Londyn finally turned 5 today! Our celebration was last weekend, so it was a long week in anticipation of her real birthday. She took cupcakes to school today to celebrate with her friends, but unfortunately she ended up coming home sick. By the time evening rolled around, she was feeling fine, so we went ahead and took her to Ted's for her birthday dinner. I don't have any great pictures, but I did manage to get Kevin to snap one of me and the birthday girl on our way out the door this morning. It's rotten having a January birthday around the Lawrence house, but I guess if I'm the only one disappointed I need to let it go. Anyway, this five year old is one of the sweetest around. She challenges me as a parent for sure, but has a very affectionate, loving and forgiving personality. You can always count on a hug and and an "I love you" from her about every five minutes. She loves playing games with her daddy, and she can't get enough of her little brother. She is always talking to him and playing with him. School isn't necessarily of interest to her other than it gives her an opportunity to see her friends. She loves everyone and everything, and is always excited about something! Happy Birthday, Londyn! We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Londyn Love you so much

Brooke said...

We love you very much, Londyn! Happy Birthday! You are definitely one of the sweetest around. Hope you get to feeling better soon! LOVE, aunt Erin, uncle Nathan and Anastyn!