Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Missouri...

A little cousin rivalry over the pillow and Grammy Tammy's attention. No Lincoln did not push her off, I think he was the innocent bystander in this one. I'm sure that will all change in the coming months.

Londyn insisited on taking a picture with Lincoln before church Sunday morning.

Yet again, don't be fooled by this adorable face! This sweet guy is getting more spoiled by the minute. Sure, if you talk to him and play with him, he'll give you a cute flirtatious grin, but he's definitely decided he likes the attention,and if he's not getting it, he'll let you know.

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Brooke said...

Very cute. I love these pictures. Gotta love a little cousin rivalry. However, I am pretty sure she would like to just be as close as humanly possible to him. Poor guy needs to get bigger quick to defend himself! Love you all! Hope Skylar is feeling better.

Kristi Vrooman said...

Oh, that kid. Did you sew that tie on his shirt, Devin? :) Sooo cute!