Wednesday, August 5, 2009


He's not handy, I'm not crafty.
He's not good at yardwork, I'm not good at housework.
He's laid back, I'm high strung.
He's a saver, I'm spender.
He's focused, I'm scattered.
He's always late, I'm always early.
He likes to relax, I'm a busybody.
He sees the big picture, I see the details.
He thinks about the future, I think about tomorrow.
He thinks eating is a waste of time, I am always thinking about the next meal.
He's thin, I'm....pregnant.
He likes to read, I like to talk.
He loves me, I love him.
Yesterday we celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, sometimes it seems like forever. Despite our incompetencies and our differences that keep life interesting, I can honestly say each year gets better, each day sweeter. I love our life together, and although we occassionally struggle to find common ground, I know we are always focused on the same goal. Together we strive to serve God each day, and raise our family accordingly. We've been blessed beyond belief with amazing children, family, friends and each other. Happy Anniversary, Kevin! I love you!

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Brooke said...

I love this! Happy Anniversary!

Melinda said...

This was such a great post - a beautiful tribute to your life together. Happy anniversary! May God continue to bless your marraige and your family.

Lesley said...

love that!! happy anniversary!!

Kevin said...

Impressive poem. We are equally incompetent, and I love you too!

Jessica said...

great perspective...happy anniversary!

Heather H said...

What a lovely post. I love the way your mind works and you have one of the best and biggest hearts around. This is a marriage to be cherished, I think. May God always bless your union and your family. Congratulations on your anniversary and I look forward to toasting your 50th!