Saturday, August 1, 2009

The BEST Baby Shower EVER!

Yes, I realize I sound like a 12 year old, but I can't help but brag! I had my baby shower this morning, and everything was so perfect, every detail coordinated. I'm so lucky to have such wonderfully talented, caring friends that would go to such lengths to throw such a great shower for me. I got a few pictures of the decorations and details, but my friend Heather has more of that and the guests that I may have to post later. (Oh, and yes, I am posting some pregnancy pictures of me below. Don't judge, surely I'll look normal again in a year or so.) The adorable invitation...(Faith hosted the shower at her new house 2 weeks after moving in, and everything was AMAZING!)
The SWEET baby banner which was precious and this picture doesn't do it justice at all. Me and the girls in front of the cupcakes and drinks.
The hostesses w/me: Kyler, Faith, Tara, Me, Shannon, Heather
My family that came in for the shower: Mom, Anastyn, Grandma Del, Me, Erin and the girls. (My sister-in-law Kesha would've been here too, but she is also pregnant and gets carsick which is magnified by pregnancy, so we missed her, but are looking forward to another baby in the family to love.)
The girls helping me open the gifts. They LOVED digging into the presents for their new little brother. I'm pretty sure they thought the shower was for them. There was a little confusion that the baby would also be arriving today, but I think we got that worked out.
We got lots of great things for the little man, and I am now more excited than ever for him to get here. Thanks again to all of our friends and family for being here and helping us celebrate the arrival of the still nameless Baby Boy Lawrence. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a great support system.

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Erin said...

What an awesome and cute shower! I love all the decorations and food! Our friends surely know how to throw a memorable party!

Anonymous said...

AWWWW--what a lovely shower for a lovely family. Your girls are precious and a baby boy added to the mix will be an awesome blessing. I can't wait to see your family continue to blossom. I hope you have five more!!! HA!
Janie H.

Ryan and Tracy said...

We are so happy for you! We can't wait for your little guy to arrive! Your girls are so precious, we love that they thought baby boy was arriving the day of the shower!

Jessica said...

oh my goodness...this is the most adorable shower. i am so taken in by cute, well-planned showers...and this one is incredible.

and devin you should not have been hiding from pictures for this seriously look great. you really do. and if i didn't really think that, i just wouldn't say anything. :)

Meagan said...

Such a darling shower! They did a great job! Wish I could have been there. :(

The McDowells said...

Looks like a great shower and you look great! I noticed one of your girls is holding Babywise. I used that with all my kids and I highly recommend it!