Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet the Teacher

Tonight was Meet the Teacher and I absolutely hated it that I couldn't take the girls, but Kevin managed without me. He brought me the paperwork to fill out, but he did get them both there in time, and even managed to get a picture. What a good dad! This is Skylar with her Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Goss. She will be with me at Arrowhead.

This is Londyn with her Pre-K teacher Mrs. Glowacki. She will be at Liberty this year.
Both girls are very excited about the upcoming school year as am I. I have to admit I'm a little sad at the thought of them being old enough to go to school, but for the most part am looking forward to it. Kevin commented that he felt like a "real" parent now that he had to go to such an event and sign up for PTA. I guess it does mean we're getting older too!

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Brooke said...

They just look too old now! Such sweethearts, they are going to be such good little students. I am so excited for you all, what a new, fun, exciting year you have ahead! Love you all so much!