Saturday, August 8, 2009

The End

...of summer that is. Yes, it is officially over. No more sleeping in, leisurely days, afternoon naps, days lounging at the pool, afternoon movies, visits to Missouri, outdoor concerts, etc. We concluded our final day of summer with a sweltering day at the pool last week, and I've been working ever since. However, I can't say that I'm all that upset. It was a great summer, but it just means I am that much closer to having this baby boy, and there is a lot to look forward to and keep us busy between now and then. Skylar will be starting kindergarten, so she is beside herself with excitement. I am so excited to have her at school with me this year. Londyn will be in Pre-K, and she is also very much looking forward going to the "big" school. Unfortunately she won't be at my building until next year, but I'm sure we'll survive. I am excited to be going back into the classroom this year. I've been teaching a pullout the last two years, so I'm looking forward to having my own group of students again. I will be teaching 4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies, which are my favorite subjects to teach, so it should be a good year!


Ryan and Tracy said...

Good luck starting back to work at the end of your pregnancy. I did that with Lilly.. lots of swollen feet and one tired mama to be! But it will keep you busy and before you know it he will be in your arms. I can't believe you are taking on a new job this year too, what a woman!

Jessica said...

Good luck with a new school year. Although the beginning of the year is always crazy busy, there is always a sense of excitement to it. I love being home with Camden, but I do miss that feeling of a new school year. You'll love having your own group of students again's so much more personal.