Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Days....

...just make your heart happy. That was yesterday for me. It didn't go without a little frustration, but overall, a really wonderful day. We didn't do much. We had to be out of the house through lunch, so we got up early, went to get a donut and headed to the park. Then, we went to the mall with no specific objective, but walked around, rode the carousel (which was a first at the mall for my kids), the girls tried on a few clothes, and we had lunch. When we got home, Lincoln took a nice long nap, and I layed down thinking I would rest for 20 minutes, and took a long nap as well. The weather all day was perfect, so when we woke up, we played out in the backyard a little, I actually fixed a real dinner (roast, potatoes, corn on the cob, and cornbread) that everyone ate without complaint. After dinner we wanted to continue to take advantage of the beautiful evening, so we went to have a sno cone at Josh's (we've only been twice this summer b/c we've been gone so much, so it was long overdue) and headed back to the park. The kids played on the playground and wandered near the water looking for minnows and frogs. Kevin and I relaxed a little, and played a little. It was a nice balance. Obviously, we didn't do anything extraordinary, but it was nice not having anything that HAD to get done, and having no obligation to be anywhere. We could just go with the flow, and do whatever we felt like at the moment. It was relaxing and peaceful. Days like this are far and few between for me. I feel like I'm always making plans, scheduling things, jumping from one activity to the next. It's hard for me to just do whatever. However, I think I'm getting better:) I just want to make sure I don't forget how much I love the simple things, and just spending time doing nothing but being together. In my book, a good day at home beats beaches and Disneyland any day!

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Brooke said...

This sounds like my kind of day! Love you all!