Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Goodbyes

Sunday concluded the Missouri summer adventures. On the way to church the girls were already asking why we have to go home on Sunday. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, and I can't believe how cool it was for the middle of July. Before heading home, the girls enjoyed a little time outside playing and saying goodbye to Anastyn.
True love:) The poor baby girl can't even breathe when these girls are around. They smother her with love. They just follow her around everywhere, wanting to hold her hand and take care of her.

Another meaning for the term Soccer Mom!

My beautiful sister and her sweet daughter Anastyn.
This is the third post this afternoon. See below for the Belle Fair fun!

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Brooke said...

Love the pics! The girls do have so much love! Anastyn loves to play with them! It is going to be really fun when we have a few more little ones running around! Love you all, glad you made it home safely.