Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And for the last of the photography posts.... It was virtually impossible to pick favorites, but here are few that I thought were good.

I just love how genuinely happy she is in this one. She is obviously hot and sweaty, her hair is a mess, but she couldn't be happier.

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Lesley said...

man, those are adorable!!!

Brooke said...

Such a cutie pie! I love the one where she is so happy! That is our Londyn for sure! Such good pictures. Sara did a wonderful job!

Sara McDaniel said...

You picked some of the ones I loved to! But I agree I can't pic a fav either. Way to hard!
YOu should consider haveing them model childrens clothes, like "Childrens Place" They would fit in perfectly!

Melinda said...

Sara took some really fantastic photos of your girls. She is obviously very talented but I doubt your girls are capable of looking bad in any photo : )