Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday Night at the Fair

We drove down late Friday night to pick up the girls and to go to the fair. Saturday night at the fair provided the girls one more opportunity to sport my favorite purchase of the season, red cowboy boots, and Kevin and I a chance to enjoy some fair food. You can't beat the Belle Fair smashed fish sandwich and a fountain SunDrop in a paper cup. Oh, we also got to see an outdoor concert featuring Jack Ingram. Getting ready to watch the show.
Skylar and Grammy Tammy
Grandma Del and Skylar
Jack Ingram...I did't really know much about him before the show, but he put on quite a good concert, and seemed like a really great guy. He was walking around the fairgrounds before his performance taking pics with people, and signing autographs.

The girls were promised they could play a game after the concert, so here they are giving it their best shot to win a prize.
And they were the proud winners of a princess crown! A fine ending to yet another Belle Fair.
I think I wrote the same thing last year, but I love all the concert pics because it reminds me so much of when I was little. Every year we would go to the fair, sit on my grandparents lap and enjoy the lawn chair concert. I love that the girls have a chance to do the same thing. I know they are making such great memories getting to spend so much time in Missouri during the summer with their grandparents, great-grandmas, aunts and uncles.
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Meagan said...

Cute boots! I have some pink ones for Evelyn!