Monday, January 26, 2009

Can She Really Be 4?

So, the story of Londyn. Let's just say she was the best surprise I've ever recieved. It wasn't exactly in the plan to have a second child quite so soon, but as always, God knows what he is doing. I couldn't imagine things being any more perfect. Skylar was about 8 months old when I found out I was pregnant with Londyn. At first, I was in shock, but my second thought was that I would never want one of my children to think they weren't wanted. Then I started thinking about the age difference and for a brief moment thought my kids would be the freaks that were in the same class in school but weren't twins. (Skylar has a September birthday, so she starts school late) Once I realized that wasn't the case, I was ok. It was hard to think about a new baby because we were so wrapped up in Skylar. I hoped the new baby would have a personality of it's own so as not to always be in the shadow. Without a doubt, Londyn came out with her own personality, and it was so different than Skylar from the very beginning. She definitely holds her own, and is growing up into the most precious little girl. They are so different and wonderfully unique. Londyn gives me a run for my money and tests me to the limits, but she loves unconditionally and holds no grudges. She is definitely the cuddly one. (Please excuse the teeny tiny pictures. I had to save from snapfish, and it would only let me save the small ones, and this post is already late, so I quit trying to mess with it.) Londyn in her first few days of life swaddled up at the hospital.
Londyn's first birthday picture. We took her to get her pictures taken, and while we were waiting, she fell of a chair and bloodied her nose. It made for great first bday pics.
Londyn's second birthday which was sort of a flop. I remember it was bad weather, so we had to reschedule, Kevin was sick, the food I ordered got messed up, and I remember I was crying by the time it was all said and done. I hope she forgives me some day.
Last year Londyn celebrated her birthday at My Little Doll House playing dress up with her friends and getting their hair and nails done.
This weekend we celebrated Londyn's birthday with a baking party. If you haven't already done so, check out the video below. My mom made half aprons and head ties for all the girls. The girls looked like a combo of Aunt Jemimah and Rambo by the time they had their head ties twisted and turned to suit them, but they were cute nonetheless. Thanks again mom for your hard work. It was adorable. Again Londyn, Happy Birthday!

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Brooke said...

Sweet little Londyn! You have the most precious little girls, sis! And your post says it perfectly, they are wonderfully unique and life would not be the same without them. Anastyn is so blessed to have such good cousins!