Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skylar Update

 So, Skylar is an 82 year old in the body of a 10 year old. Ok, maybe not that old, but she's an old soul, mature beyond her years which is sometimes awesome and sometimes annoying.  On her favorite day, you'll find her reading a good book, creating an invention out of our trash or generating ideas about how we can save money. (she's really gotten into that last one lately.) I can't believe she will be in 5th grade! I feel like I say it at every stage, but I LOVE this age with the girls. They are fun to be around, can carry a conversation, make me laugh, old enough to help out and not too old to hate it. Skylar is always willing to help out around the house, and does a fantastic job. She's currently taken over most of the laundry which makes me ecstatic. I tried to create chores for all of them and offered to pay them because I felt bad that she was doing so much. It backfired, for some odd reason, when I offered to pay, she wasn't interested.

She's never been the cuddling type, but lately, she's always close to me. If you know me, you know I'm not the cuddling type either, so it kind of drives me crazy. I love that she wants to be close, so I try not to pull away EVERY time she decides she wants to cuddle. But, she knows I need my space, so when I do, she just laughs and occasionally torments me about it. She has always been sensitive to my emotions and is definitely the one in the family that senses when I'm at my limit, and she walks over with her arms spread out and says "bring it in mom, bring it in." For some reason, it makes me laugh every.single.time. She gets me...most of the time.

She has transitioned well, had a great 4th grade year, and made great friends! We were beyond blessed with an amazing school and wonderful teachers. Her interests are still very academic, she worked hard to meet and exceed all her goals at school and was selected for the IMPACT award (an award that her school gives out quarterly to students that are nominated by students and other teachers for kids that make an impact on their school.) in the second semester. Early in the school year, she came home with a flyer to try out for OC's homecoming musical. She was adamant that she wanted to try out, and I wasn't sure it was a good idea as our family is not naturally gifted when it comes to music. However, she was determined, so she called my sister, got some help and practiced for days. Thankfully, she made the cut and got to participate in the musical which was a fun start to our time here. If she is anything, it is dedicated, determined and willing to work hard for what she wants. She also tried out softball for the first time which was interesting.  After the first practice, Skylar was ready to quit, and to be honest, I kind of wanted to let her. However, after a long talk, she decided not to and stuck it out for the year. I think she enjoyed it, but didn't love it. She's giving soccer a try again for the fall, and is on a team with friends, so that will make it a little more fun!

This summer started out with church camp at Burnt Cabin with her Broken Arrow friends and then a week in MO with my family. We also vacationed to Washington DC, primarily because Skylar loves learning about Presidents (actually, she kind of wants to be the President) and I 've always wanted to take the kids to DC as they prepare to learn about it in school. Other than that, she's been enjoying the usual summer activities, reading, swimming and playing with friends! To say that I am proud of the human she is and is becoming would be an understatement. Thankful that she is mine! Well, that was a little longer than I had planned, but it has been a while:)

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